Cycling Fashion: Bicycling Magazine

August 13 2013
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Super excited about this recent 10 page fashion story in Bicycling magazine. Believe it or not, fashion in the cycling world is on the rise and getting pretty hip. Since biking in NYC is one of my favorite hobbies, this job was an extra pleasure to shoot. Here are the final spreads!

Greasers Fashion Story- Collective Mag

July 30 2013
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Got so shoot this recent Greasers story for the Collective Magazine. Check out the Behind the Scenes video above, and the editorial tears below.

nickonken + Madbury Club

May 17 2013
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I met Phil over at the Madbury Club on a Nike job last year, and love his talent. We talked about collaborating for a while, and finally we had the chance to do so. These guys have some great ideas, and this was one of them. 7 guys in vintage NYLON running through New York City. I’m inspired by these guys. They are so talented especially for how young they are. It was a pleasure collaborating with them.

Check the full editorial out here:

See what else the boys are up to here:

A few outtakes from the shoot:

Old Navy Brand Book Project

March 27 2013
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It’s exciting to see this project finally come to life. It was such a opportunity to work on a brand book for Old Navy and set a vision for the company with my friend Matthew over there. It was one of those projects with a lot of creative freedom, and on that was truly a joy to work on.

Here are a few spreads from the actual book:

Celebrating Black History Month with Nike

January 28 2013
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A couple weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Nike and the talented Sam & Chad over at We Are Not Pilgrims(who directed and produced the amazing video above), in creating the photography for their Black History Month: Be Bold, Be True campaign. I love that this campaign extends past sport and into empowerment of creativity of all people of different ethnicities and cultures. It was great to connect with and shoot young hustlers like Josh & Travis from Street Etiquette, Phil and the boys at Madbury Club, Kilo Kish, spoken word master, Joekenneth.

Joekenneth wrote and drops the powerful spoken word in the video, and here are the words:

“What are rules to the rebel youth who grow with a gusto for adventure?
They’re imaginary…
Like boundaries in infinite space.
The building begins from within.
Then out of skin.
Onto pavements.
Where you pave the way.
From corner store conversations to revolutionary contemplating.
It takes training.
It requires heart to acquire an absence of fear.
This ain’t no hocus pocus.
You can become potent when potential is embraced.
And your focus causes you to become colorblind to color lines; seeing that there is no mold.
The model for the future is for you to make new.
So spark the rebellion!
Do it with cause.
The power to change your surroundings is right there in your palms.
Go out and pound the pavement.
Pulverize any paradigms and leave no standards standing.
For success isn’t intended to be the possession of a select few.
Don’t ever let them see you sweat.
Just be bold.
Be true”

– Joekenneth Museau

Below are the digital imagery that I shot for the campaign:
Josh & Travis of Street Etiquette

The Madbury Club

Kilo Kish

Joekenneth- Spoken Word

Samantha Jo Alonso of Fruition

Brittany Sky

Little Dribbler Man

Burning Man project for Stylecaster

October 22 2012
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Burning Man is an experience of a lifetime especially if you do anything in the artistic field. I had the opportunity to go for the first time this year and it blew my mind in so many ways. Hard to describe to anyone who has never been, but I like to describe it as a magical oasis where Star Wars meets Dr. Seuss in the desert, then a metamorphosis to Tron at night. The art and costumes that people create and bring to the desert are like nothing you’ve seen. Hanging out on the Playa with “art cars” and bizarre costumed people strolling by takes you to an imaginary world you’ve imagined as a kid. As dusk falls into evening the Playa completely changes into a colorfully lit up fire blowing Tron extravaganza with every art car creating their own moving dance party around the massive burning art structures.

While I was there I was given the assignment to capture people’s amazing attire for Stylecaster. Special thanks to Shannon Shiang for helping me by introducing me to some cool people and wrangle releases.

Check out the published article on here:

Below are some of the pics from the editorial:
Crystal’s Unicorn costume was my favorite.^^

Maor(who designs my jewelry)^^


John Dill^^







A few other moments..

And from the iPhone…
Sea of Motorhomes at sunset^^

My gaffed up bike^^

Riding through a dust storm^^

The temple^^

Staying cool^^

These were black when they started^^

Fishmobile, Tron style^^

The Amazing DJ Jasmine Solano

October 03 2012
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I quite enjoy the story of how I met Jasmine. I was attending a gallery show at MILK back in December and this attractive lady DJ was spinning some dancetastic tracks. Three days later, I ended up shooting her along with Amar’e Stoudemire for Nike. From there we became friends, and have done a few shoots together since. This was the first shoot, and we shot in the LES.

Check out her site:
Her albums/mixes:

Cameras: Hasselblad 503CW & Contax G2 with Kodak Portra 400

12 Fashion Bloggers for StyleCaster

September 10 2012
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Some new work in the studio for Style Caster that just dropped this last week. Got to meet some awesome Fashion Bloggers based in NYC. Check out the whole story here:

Props to Tovah for the hair/makeup.

Lindsey Calla from Saucy Glossie

Alexandra Spencer from 4th & Bleeker

Phil & Matty from The Madbury Club

Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty

Nicolette Mason from Nicolette Mason

Kim Pesch from Eat Sleep Wear

Sean Hotchkiss from GQ

Helena Glazer from Brooklyn Blonde

Claire Geist from De Lune

Natacha Steven from Natacha Steven

Isaac Hindin Miller from Isaac Likes

Christina Caradona from Trop Rouge

Charity & My Birthday

August 15 2012
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So as another birthday comes my way, I’ve decided to give it to charity, but not just any charity, the one that’s been a big part of my life over the last few years, Pencils of Promise. I’m a big believer in giving back to the world which is why I’ve made it a point to do at least one charity project a year. I’ve traveled all over the world, and one of the biggest problems, and things we take for granted in our bubble is education. Even though I’ve donated much of my time in photography services and create all the brand imagery for the organization, but I still want to raise funds to help build a school for children in the developing world. I connected with Adam Braun(see his story & for purpose philosophy), the founder a couple years back when PoP was in it’s infancy and had only built one school. Fast forward 2.5 years and PoP has broken ground on over 50 schools in 4 countries and has been deemed one of the fastest growing non-profit orgs that have been started in the last 5 years.. It’s been quite amazing to be a part of such an amazing movement.

That said, help me raise $10K to help build a school. Donations can be as little as $25 and you are helping kids receive education. If you were thinking about giving me a birthday present please put that towards charity. If you weren’t (I don’t ever expect anyone to), you I hope that you would join me and help me raise the money by donating.

Donations can be made here on my Pencils of Promise fundraising page:

Don’t just “like” the idea on Facebook. If you “like” it then DONATE! ;) It’s just $25 a few drinks or lattes, and you’re helping children learn the things we all take for granted.

Here are the photo projects I’ve done with them:

Watch this video to get a bigger understanding of the cause and organization!

Coco && Breezy for Inked Mag

August 10 2012
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A few weeks ago I was commissioned my awesome friends Coco && Breezy for Inked Mag. One of the few time they’ve had a few shots taken without their glasses. But do check out their glasses. Stay tuned in September for some outtakes.

We shot Hasselblad 503CW Kodak Portra 400

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