AndreeaMojave021Adding this to the pot of creative theory reminders that problem solving is what this job is all about. I love to shoot my own work as much and as often as I can, (ABS Theory). It keeps you sharp and Expands Your Default. I pulled some friends together and drove to the desert for a little spontaneous personal shoot. Sometimes you get into situations where things go wrong, unforeseen things happen, important parts of the crew are late, etc. Our job is to solve those problems and make something great despite the circumstances. This time Mother Nature threw a little twist into our little shoot. My concept was involved 300 balloons, and that didn’t exactly happen. We got there and the winds were so strong it was ripping the balloons off the ribbon. So we still made it work for despite the Mother Nature’s blessing of insane winds. A little more to add to the subconscious default.

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