Pencils of Promise: Nicaragua

November 11 2010
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I just got back from a nice little week down in Nicaragua shooting for the charity that I’m involved with, Pencils of Promise. They build schools and further education for kids. The organization was founded by Adam Braun, an brilliant and passionate individual I had the pleasure of going to Laos with last December. He’s the type of guy you will talk to for 5 minutes leave the conversation fired up and wanting to change the world. When we met last year we both resonated in our life mantras of travel, helping people, and business. Most Non-Profits fail because the founder’s don’t have enough business skills to match their passion. Adam has both which really got me fired up about what he’s doing. PoP has grown insanely at least 300% in this last year, and is continuing to do so. The PoP team is killin’ it and the movement is contagious! (Mad props to ya’ll!)

Pencils Of Promise’s killer new website was done by Agency Net, who just did Jay-Z’s new Hits Collection site. Mad Props.

I rolled down with my new homie, Hoolie G, the COO of PoP. We had some great adventures visiting a couple of the current PoP schools and sites for future PoP schools. It’s exciting to be a part of a group of Do Gooders, and to photograph the children that PoP is and will be helping further their educations. We met some great locals on the ground with the partner organization, who were so kind and hospitable to us. After the 5 day shoot, Hoolie and I trekked it over to Leon, a small colonial Nicaraguan town for a little R&R, and some volcano sandboarding. (We even practiced our Ninja skills at the top of the mountain. See photo at bottom of post.)

Want to join the movement and help these kids get an education?

A few of my fave shots in this post, but you can see the whole photo story here:

The girl in center of this photo is a Seeds of Learning Scholar who is attending a Pencils Of Promise school in El Blandon, Nicaragua. Her family lives on the fringe of a landfill and scavenges trash to survive. Thanks to the PoP Movement she’s in school instead…

This is Dimas, the head mason for Pencils Of Promise ’s collaboration projects with SOL in Nicaragua, in front of the Agua Fria school. In addition to teaching the community hard construction skills, he’s showing them how to plant crops – he owns his own farm with mangos, avocados, coffee, and… tilapia!!!

Some of the kids of Agua Fria walk up hill barefoot to school on the rocks.

Wheel Barrow Wars..

The view of San Ramone:

El Jefe:

The Ring Leader


Crouching Onken, Hidden Hoolie

A little behind the scenes, we found a bat in my bed…

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